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Will This Ever End?

No, not the Corvid-19 situation. That's not going to happen soon. I mean working on getting my new website store on Wix up and running. It's taken a great deal of time to add all the store information, but I couldn't figure out the Blog portion. I opted to go through training on the Blog problem in order to figure out my difficulties. Found out it was a problem with the Wix site, nothing that I was doing.

So while I've been working on my new site, I'm also having fun drawing.

Let's begin with Two Brothers. I don't draw people, but since I already completed a drawing years ago with Wells looking into this same aquarium display window, I had to complete this one where both he and his brother Beck were peering into the same window.

I started this probably in February, but I've also been working on another piece which I'll add in my next blog. Went back to working on this piece about a week ago and still not hating it which usually happens about half way through a piece.

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