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The Fall of 2022 Brings New Art

Aside from updating art files and computer files and the website, what else was there to do but start some new pieces to work on. And now I have a few completed works and one or two in progress.

The fall colors of 2022 were amazing in Northern Michigan and I couldn't stop taking pictures. "Autunm Brilliance" was done on fawn colored Stonehenge paper and is 16"H x 12"W with colored pencils. As I drew I kept thinking about how wonderful a day this had been as the leaves kept tumbling down in the gentle breezes.

I enjoy capturing these moments.

'Changind Colors' done on Umber colored Colorfix paper and is 16"H x 12"W. I will never, ever work on colorfix paper again with colored pencils. I think I tried just about every product I knew about to blend colors and still it was a complete trial! It turned out OK sort of, but it could have been better on another paper. It's one of those live and learn pieces.

And below is the abstract piece I began while working on the two landscapes. It has no permanent name yet although I have several written down. I'm creating it on Strathmore 500 Illustration board, 18"H x 24"W using colored pencil, Fabercastell Pitt pens and a Sakura Pen Touch pen. There's a long way to go on this one, but I'm already starting another two pieces.

We went to the annual buffalo round up in South Dakota a few years back before Covid and was fascinated by the gear that the cowboys hung on this pipe fence after they dismounted from their horses. I've always wanted to draw it and include it with another picture of the cowboys in action during the round up. I never seem to have trouble finding something else that I want to draw.

Enough for now. Back to work.

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