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New Year, New Works

The end of 2022. Hurray? I guess. December did not see a whole lot of new work because that is the time I begin working on updating all of my files and start framing art that I completed over the summer and fall months. This period involves a lot of tracking: work that was sold, recording which shows I entered, where all of my art currently is located and just general studio clean up. Of course there were all the holiday distractions to deal with as welll.

So now I'm back in the mode of full time art making. During November I developed drawings for three new pieces of art, two which I have started, one that is waiting in the wings and a fourth piece that is an abstract just beginning to take shape.

Here are the line drawings for the three new pieces:

The line drawings were created from photos that I had taken over the summer and fall. The second and third were drawn using more than one photo to develop a final drawing. I have started the first and third one, the first one doesn't have a name yet, but the third one is Rodgersia Leaves. The next two photos will show you the progress I've made. Unfortunately I have been working on Colorfix paper which I had in my flat files. That has been a major mistake. It has been unbelievably difficult to work on with colored pencil. Blending in my usual manner has been almost impossible and Gamasol has been about the only way I've been able to get a solid color on the paper. I should probably give up, but I know I won't and will force myself to persevere. Luckily, the third piece which I haven't started is on Stonehenge.

Rodgersia Leaves

And as usual, I have started another abstract piece. It isn't far enough along to bother posting, but it should be part of my next blog entry.

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