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Colored Pencil Newly Completed

Almost everything I have been painting in the last 3-4 months has included a bit of landscape. Pieces I introduced in an earlier blog have now been completed. The first one is - Memories of an Old Farmhouse Window, 14 x 11",

is on Stonehenge paper. This was taken from a photograph I took over 50 years ago at my uncle and aunts old rundown farmhouse. I was drawn to the way the warm breeze was blowing through the window and lifting the cotton curtain.

The second picture is one that I took recently when I was sitting on our dock on the Grand Traverse Bay on the Old Mission Peninsula. We were out there watching the sun go down and hoping for a beautiful sunset when I got up and turned around and caught the amazing cloud formation that was behind us. The sun glowing on the trees, the clouds spreading out in an

interesting formation, and the blue of the water made for an even better picture. Titled Clouds Over the Bay, 18x24" done on Clairfontaine pastelboard.

And the third is from another older picture I took at least ten

years ago at Starved Rock State Park in Illinois. I took a hike to the canyon with my daughter in early spring and there was a generous flow of water unlike in summer. I've been to this park many times and it was the first time I actually saw water pouring over the rocks instead of dribbling over. It was well worth the hike. I titled this piece Waterfall in the Spring, 14x11" and it was done on beige LaCarte pastelmat.

Right now I am working on a piece where I am using watercolor pencils along with regular colored pencils. I may end it with a little bit of black ink work.

The Spillway, 12x16" on Aquarelle artistico paper.

From a picture I took when vacationing in the northeast. This may have been Maine.

Now....I can move on to two abstract pieces I've been thinking about for weeks.. I need a change and am longing for a bit more thought processing and creativity.

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