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The New Website is Finally Up! Hurray!!

After resolving several little issues it appears I have a working site, although I noticed that several individual pages cannot be found when you google them. More to work on.

Close to finishing The Ruin 12"x16". Hated it half way through and almost tore it up. It didn't quite turn out the way I hoped it would. I used pan pastels in the grass and in the top cloud bank. The

pastels created a different texture under the colored pencils. I need to work with them more to figure out the correct blend.

While I was frustrated with The Ruins I began a small Pen & Ink and colored pencil drawing 9"x12". It's been a fun distraction.

I also worked on a layout for Diana's Bath. A landscape of an area in New Hampshire that we visited a few years ago. Once again I'm exited to get started on a new piece. This one will be 16x20 and I will probably keep this for my own house. Next step, transfer it to my paper. I'll be using Stonehenge this time instead of Crescent Board which I use on The Ruin.

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