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Summer is Waning up North

But my Colored Pencil work continues. I have been so happy with pastelmat paper which seems to blend and cover much faster than other papers.

I finished Roughneck Falls (11 x 14") which was created on regular Uart 600 sanded paper and the surface was so much more grainy than pastelmat. I'm happy with the piece, but I wish it had been done on pastelmat which has a finer grain and smoother surface and I would have had better line control. Looking at it again, I can see I have a few areas to fix. That will be a project for a later date.

I am now working on a new piece using LaCartte pastelmat, seen on the left. This piece is from a photo at Starved Rock when I was hiking with my daughter about 15 years ago and enjoying the canyons and waterfalls. I've been to Starved Rock several times over the last 60 years and I drew a smaller piece when I first began working with colored pencils. I wanted to try it again to see what I could do this time. Even though I enjoy this new paper surface, I still am using other papers.

This drawing (14x11"), just completed, was created on Stonehenge paper and is from a photo I had taken in college while visiting my Aunt Bee and Uncle Ozzie's farm. That would be about 55 years ago and I've titled it Memories of a Farmhouse Window. I fell in love with the way the light was flowing in and the warm breeze was lifting the curtain. 'Til this day I can still feel this moment as strongly as when I heard that Kennedy had died in freshman Algebra. Some things make huge impressions.

I have two more line drawings which I've transferred to two different paper surfaces. They will be my next challenge. One is on Clairefontaine pastelmat and I'm thinking I may use pan pastels with the drawing. The other will be done on Arches artistico paper because I am planning to use watercolor pencils and pen & ink. Excited to start both.

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