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Summer Colored Pencil and Gardening

I haven't spent as much time drawing these last two months because I've had a few interruptions, mostly attending events. I'm finding it difficult to give up my drawing time to reconnect with people. I really enjoyed the isolation Covid brought and although I'm not looking forward to the resurgence, I don't mind the isolation.

Even though I've had less time to draw (also related to my second love - gardening) I have been working on several new pieces. This is the last of four leaf pieces on pastelmat. The other three leaves were done realistically and then I became bored so I decided to shift into a pattern mode.

I can't say that it was successful, but it was fun in the beginning and it made me realize that I could create abstract art using the pastelmat surface. That's another project down the road.

I gave up on the abstract piece I was working on, I made so many changes in the piece, cut the size down, restarted it several times after putting it away for a while and finally tore the piece up. What a relief it was to get rid of that mess!

Below are a few pieces that are close to being finished finished and perhaps done. All of them are on 120lb. Stonehenge but each on a different color of paper. In the same order as below: the paper color was white, beige and black. The one on black is not as bright as it shows. I need to rephotograph or edit it better. Another day.

River Ice 11"x14" Storm on the Way 9"x12" Late Evening Sky 11"x14".

I don't usually work on this many landscapes at one time, but I am enjoying it. I've started another landscape from a picture I took when out in South Dakota. This one is on pastel paper with colored pencils, a totally different experience than when working on pastelmat.

Roughlock Falls in Spearfish Canyon 14" x 11"

Spearfish Canyon is an area not to be missed. If you are ever in the northwest part of North Dakota don't miss a trip to see some amazingly beautiful waterfalls. I think we spent over a half hour watching the water flow from this one even on a damp drizzly day.

Back to drawing and gardening.

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