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Still no new website! Always one more thing!

But still working on my art.

One of the new pieces I've started already has a name. RUINS, though I don't always figure out names when I start. Thinking of doing a series of ruins after reading The Overstory by Richard Powers.

Finished Two Brothers. As I said earlier, I don't draw people, but I wanted to try recreating this again, not on black paper but on Crescent board. The grandkids mesmerized by the fish. Wonder what memory is being created in those little brains right now.

And, I finished Patterns, not thrilled with it, but it was a fun piece and something different. Although, I have completed several wandering flower like images, one which I hang in my own house. Wasn't crazy about that one in the beginning and liked it much better four years down the road. Yellow or the background might be the problem with this one. Might still work on it and darken the blue background.

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