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New Art Can Be Fun or Maybe NOT

It's been a while since I have posted, but I've been spending time with a new group of artists that I recently joined. Viewing other peoples art and being able to ask questions on new techniques has been very helpful. And the other artists have all been a delight to get to know.

This is a small piece I just finished. It's on an 14"x8" piece of slate which was removed from our fireplace during a renovation. It was a challenge from the new art group I joined to work on natural products with our colored pencils. Working on slate did have its challenges for sure! The surface is so rough that it was hard to get color on to it. I may do another piece, but they are so heavy, I'm not sure what you would do with it.

Below are three new pieces I have started. The first two are landscapes that I will eventually offer for sale in the Michigan galleries. The first one is a picture I photographed while sitting on the beach at sunset. It will be on warm white Stonehenge paper. The second one with the trees close up is a preliminary sketch that will be transferred to a black sheet of paper. I will then be working to create a white base before I add color. Some of the black paper will show through. The third one is my attempt at a portrait. I haven't done one since my days in college and it definitely is not my strong point, but I thought I'd give it a try. The idea with this piece is to start out with dark colors first and work towards light. We'll see how that works. The red sunset is 16"x12", the other two are much smaller at 7x11 and 7x9. This should keep me busy until Thanksgiving.

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