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Lot's of Time to Work During Covid!

Been a little busy with the holidays even though I haven't gone anywhere. Still cooked dinners, decorated the house for Christmas, made the gingerbread cookies and decorated them with Claire, bought all the gifts and sent them out along with the cookies and fruit cake. But I also kept up with my art.

I challenged myself with trying to draw people again. And I loved this shot that my daughter-in-law sent to me. It came with a white background, but I decided to add some color in the back to help the kids standout; also to make it a bit more fun. The weird mottling in the background is due to a bad photo, it's actually a solid clean color. I continued working on Earth Mother, but that one is just becoming a pain. I wish it was done and I didn't have to waste anymore time on it. Below you can see where I am with it.

First Snow

I also began two other snow scenes, one that I have finished and another one I am still working on. This one entitled First Snow is not yet complete, but it's coming along. The one below, Winter on the Beach is done. It is mostly colored pencil, but I used pan pastels for the sky. I also tried to create a bit of sparkle on the snow by adding a little of "Sparkle Modge Podge" and it worked a bit, but is not as exciting as I hoped it would be.

Both of these pictures I took up in Traverse City, Mi.

My next effort will be to start a non-objective piece since I haven't done one in a while. And I have joined a colored pencil group called the Beech Tree Studio and each month we attempt to expand our repertoire by working on a new concept or by using new materials. Our next topic is Nocturnal Art so I will be attempting to create and interesting night scene. That means I will probably have to photo shop one of my photographs to make it look like night since any night shots I have previously taken have not turned out well. Night photography is not something I've done much of and am not about ready to start figuring it out now.

This is the piece that is complete. Most of it is colored pencil, however I used pan pastels for the background. I also attempted to put some sparkle elements on the very white parts of the snow. Somewhat effective, but not as exciting as I hoped it would be.
Winter Day on the Beach

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