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I Need Someone to Blog for Me!

Can't believe it was September when I last posted something, but having nothing to do during Covid times has not been my problem! So I finished off a few more pieces, photographed them and finally got them up on my website.

Two non-objectives and one landscape. I had fun with all of them. One is political and relived anger and tension, one was just pure fun with color and design, and the landscape was a study in learning how to draw believable clouds with colored pencils. Smoothly blending the clouds was the hardest. I need to get better, but I keep trying.

I also worked more on the portrait of MaryCoco. This is the first portrait I have done since college. I worked on it slowly and had help from a few members of the Beach Tree Community group. It's okay for a start and I'm seriously thinking of trying another one. In fact in the new pieces I'm working on I am trying one of the three grandkids at the doctor's office getting their flu shot.

The piece below is 16"x20" and is one of my own creations. I spent the time drawing it out before I began coloring it in. Then I couldn't decide whether to make it realistic or treat it strictly as a design piece. I think I'll think about this one for a while and maybe start a pastel piece. Back to work.

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