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Three New Pieces to Start the New

The first one is on pastel paper. This might be a challenge because it's the first time I've worked with colored pencils on pastel paper. I've chosen a very fine grade of paper, but it still eats the paper. I'm also trying another technique that I used with pastels which was to blend the color with water after the first light coat.the other a nocturnal scene surrounded by the same scene during the day.

The next one is on 3 ply Bristol vellum paper. I've worked on this paper before, however it doesn't have a lot of grain or tooth so blending has to be done more quickly. It's going to be a nocturnal scene in the center with a golden moon casting its rays on the water and through the weeds. Hard to tell right now. The outer edge will be a larger view of the same scene and will be done in fall colors to go with the golden tones of the moon. We'll see how that turns out.

The last piece is another nocturnal scene based on a shot that I took in Waterton Park up in the Canadian portion of Glacier National Park. I did a small study of the piece and now I'm expanding on it. I'm using a new product, silver mica ink to create a shiny moon and reflection on the water. I'll be using colored pencils on top of the silver ink. I'm pretty excited about this one. That should give me plenty to do for next few weeks.

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