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Ready for a new Challenge. Pastelmat

I finished off a piece I started a couple of weeks ago. I limited myself to five colors hence the name Color Quintet. First I created a structure and then decided to fill in each area with either the picture of a plant or a hard edged design. It was fun coming up with new designs and interpreting different flowers. Some sections were more successful than others and this piece truly underlines the importance of an excellent base drawing even if a piece is somewhat abstract. Each time I finish a piece it seems I learn a bit more.

Color Quintet is 14"H x 20"W on Crescent 310 Illustration Board using Faber Castelle pencils.

And now I have my next four pieces in the beginning base drawing stage. I've done several pieces of art with single leaves and I want to continue with another set. My intention is to create four paintings (9x12) on pastelmat. I'm excited to try a new techniques on each of them. Will see how it goes. Before I start I need to develop value drawings for each of the pieces. I'm excited, can't wait to start.

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