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I Draw, I Don't Blog

Oh well, I don't feel an overwhelming need to report what I'm doing to the world. But, I do keep working on my art and trying to learn how to use new materials and techniques. Take the piece Night Descends which I did on UArt a sanded pastel paper. After I finished it I took the 'Peaches' tutorial working again on sanded paper, I realized how I could have made my life easier.

So I took another Tutorial 'Rose' and worked on painting this rose with colored pencils, but using blenders and a new product which is a textural spray that adds texture after you've over colored an area. Pretty cool product.

And I continued pushing myself to develop value drawings of a picture before I draw it, deciding what to keep in and what to leave out. I was somewhat successful and realized that I need to do a whole lot more planning and sketching before I start working on a piece. Below are the 3 value drawings and the final pieces.

And then I became bored with realism and continued work on my Fantasy Garden piece. This piece has taken forever. In the end, I'm not really crazy about it, but I learned a few things as I was doing it so that made it worth the effort.

And now I'm working on another graphic piece. I've discovered I like creating designs and artwork that is full of pattern. This piece which I'm calling Circle Design for now will require many more hours before it's complete. However, it gave me an idea for another piece using mostly patterns and while I'm thinking about another landscape. I try to work on 2 or 3 pieces simultaneously helping to alleviate boredom after I've worked on one piece for more than 70 hours. Actually, boredom sets in sooner than 70 hours. Here is the Circle Design work in progress. This has gold acrylic paint in it, but it doesn't show up when I photograph.

Not sure when I'll write again, but I'll be back.

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