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Colored Pencil is a Breeze...

But having to maintain a computer and adding new programs and then trying to relearn everything on the new program that supposedly is going to make my life better and trying to understand why I don't have enough space left on my computer and oh my goodness, maybe it's because Apple added Apple TV onto my computer on one update and suddenly videos from ten years ago are now all on my Apple TV and sucking up space. Never mind.

I am now done with these six drawings. Two of them I sent out to be professionally photographed because my camera seems to be having difficulties and I really need to upgrade my phone. I'm now six generations behind and I know a better camera on my phone would make my life easier. Some of them will be framed and sent to galleries up north.

Each piece of art was done on a different type of paper: Stonehenge 90lb, Arches Aquarelle, maybe 310 Crescent illustration board, Vellum 3ply Rising Bristol Board, 500 Strathmore Illustration board, and Fabriano Artistico. That means the surfaces I was drawing on were all different. I'm not sure if I'm crazy or I just enjoy the challenge. It might be better if the next three pieces I do were all on the same surface.

I am working on one more abstract which I started about two weeks ago. I've had a few interruptions such as getting material ready for filing taxes and getting artwork organized that will be taken up North this spring to the galleries I show in.

This piece is still looking for a name, but the larger problem is that even though I am enjoying working on it, I don't have a real emotional link with it. I decided to use only 5 colors to create this piece. I'm enjoying the challenge, but it feels more like a study. It's on 310 Crescent Illustration Board.

So, I'm going to begin developing layouts for my next three pieces, two of which I've already been working on in my mind. I am going to work on two different types of pastelmat . There's a chance I will bring in pastel with at least one of the pieces and maybe all, but I'm excited to get started.

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