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Covid was a PLUS for Drawing

Although I am really really tired of being indoors and at home, I sure got a lot of drawing done! I've added several new pieces in my gallery, landscape and abstract and I keep on learning more. Below is a piece that I just finished, but here are some of the earlier stages. I think developing the first drawing is sometimes the hardest part.

I started another piece with lots of flowers. I happened to be sorting through old files and came across drawings I did over 30 years ago for ceramic tiles that I were made specifically for my kitchen area under my cabinets. The tiles didn't turn out nearly as well as I would have liked, but I still love the drawing. The drawing is about 2' x 7' with two additional 6"x3' drawings. I decided to incorporate them into two 18" X 24" pieces. I'm working on the first section right now. It's a start, but I have a bit of filling in to do with a few changes and additions.

I'm also starting another abstract piece, today, as a matter of fact! Can't wait to begin. Finished all the updating for pieces heading off to the galleries, updated my alphabetic and chronological art list, added a bit to my blog and I'm ready to go.

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