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Meet the Artist

I enjoyed art as a child, but my real art training came from the American Academy of Art and Northern Illinois University were I completed a BFA in Graphic Design. I worked as a graphic designer in packaging for fifteen years before returning to school and completing a landscape design degree. After another decade as a landscape designer I dedicated myself to creating fine art. Most of the time I work from a home studio in the Chicagoland area, but at times, especially in summer, I can be found in northern Michigan enjoying the great views of Lake Michigan’s Grand Traverse Bay and the surrounding vineyards and cherry orchards as I work.

Artist Statement

The world and our lives are a mixture of beauty, peace and chaos and, if we are lucky, contain some semblance of balance. I see my art as a visual and emotional journey graphically illustrating these elements. My best work comprises a metaphorical representation of the uneasiness and joy of daily life constantly influenced by social concerns, political issues, family, great lines from song and literature and moments of beauty from nature.

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